football players kissing german anti-homophobia campaign

Football Players Kissing Each Other. Our post on male celebrities kissing is kinda popular here at Famewatcher so we decided to have more like it but, this time, we are going to focus on hunky football players who express their joy by kissing on the pitch.Read More →

joe cole football underwear

JOE COLE FOOTBALL UNDERWEAR. Is our Joe playing football in his underwear or did he pull up his football shorts and hid it under baggy shirt of his? If you are wondering whether our talented English bloke wears boxers or briefs, the photo below should give you a conclusive clue: He wears briefs, man!!!! Thank the heavens for transparent white shorts. Read More →

christian pulisic on the pitch

How Rich is Christian Pulisic. It is safe to say that you can call him a teen millionaire. However, if he plays his card right, live up to his promise, and stay healthy and injury free, it is not hard to predict that he will soon be a multi-millionaire.

Anyhoo, for those of you wondering about how much money Christian Pulisic makes with Dortmund, reveals that the young lad has an annual salary of USD 1,136,600. Not bad for a boy who just turned 18, huh?Read More →