Time for another Finnish hunk and this time let’s talk about Antti Ruuskanen, the 28-year-old Finnish javelin thrower who won the bronze medal in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Yay! And yay for his fans from his hometown (Pielavesi) who celebrated with the local hero when he went home after his Olympic success. Photo courtesy of Helsingin Sanomat which also reports about Antti’s homecoming: Long queues were snaking to tables stacked with coffee and layer cake. Fuses blew across the municipality of Pielavesi in Eastern Finland, when numerous coffee machines were powered up simultaneously. Life in the little municipality of 5,000 souls changed all atRead More →

Famewatchers, meet Finnish hunk Lauri Kalima. He is as shaggable as that other Finn we already blogged about, Kimi Raikkonen. Like Kimi, our Lauri is an athlete who also does modeling on the side. And boy has he modeled for top end brands such as Dolce and Gabbana (you know, the boxers he’s wearing in one of the pics below), Nike, Ralph Lauren, and a label called Umbro.Read More →