Best Celebrity Bikini List? Now that summer is here, let’s check out the fabulous swimwear that your favorite female celebrities are wearing. We begin with SuperDiva Beyonce who inked a deal to star in the most recent advertising campaign of H & M. Here are some pics from said campaign.

best celebrity bikini - beyonce two-piece for hm

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Baywatch Girls Now (05 February 2009). My, my, Pamela Anderson here’s an unsolicited advice from your Famewatcher fans who love you very much: We think it’s time to leave them bikinis in the closet. Yeah, we know, you look great for your age but them bikinis are not flattering at all. And, as the good book says, there is a time for every season …… sing, sing, sing.

baywatch girls now - pamela anderson

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Celebrities as Princess Leia in Gold Bikini. British glamor girl Rhian Sugden‘s two-piece gold bikini swimsuit reminds us of Princess Leia in her golden bikini. Whoever thought of dressing the Princess in gold bikini in her classic scene with Jabba the Hut deserves the eternal gratefulness of male movie geeks, no? [Note: Sorry, gold bikini photo of Rhian was deleted.]

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini - rhian sugden

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