Well played, Carl Zeiss AG, well played. Because of these memorable pics, we will certainly think of you when we have some eye problems. Carl Zeiss, for those of you not familiar with the name, is a German optical company with branches in different parts of the world. It produced these awesome photos featuring Michael J. Fox, who we love love love, and German supermodel Tatjana Patitz. More…Read More →

Who’s behind those Foster Grants? It’s Julie Christie! What’s a Foster Grant and who is Julie Christie?
American bombshell Raquel Welch was the face of Foster Grant sunglasses back to the 1960s when a pair of Foster Grants was the “must have thing”. Now that the company behind Foster Grants is trying to bring it back to our consciousness, Raquel was again hired in 2009 to represent the iconic sunglasses. Read More →

Here’s an imaginary blog post “written” by Heidi Klum: “Howdy, fans! Have you checked out the Heidi Klum maternity wear already? Now, check out my sunglasses. It’s a Persol 649. Do I look great wearing it or what? Of course, I do. I look great in everything I wear. Heck, I even look great even if I’m wearing nothing. Read More →