Female Celebrity Cartier Watch 2016: Guide to Women’s TV Watches

Female Celebrity Cartier Watch List 2016. Here’s a list of your favorite female characters on TV wearing Cartier watches. Let us start with our favorite character of them all, the fabulous Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary who is played by the beautiful Lucy Liu.

Specifically, Lucy/Joan is wearing a women’s Tank Louis Cartier Watch. [If you want more Lucy Liu fashion on Elementary, check out a post we published earlier: Lucy Liu Joan Watson Dresses.]

actress watch - Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Watch - Lucy Liu Elementary

Another episode in Elementary where Lucy is wearing her Tank Louis Cartier Watch. For those of you wondering, you can buy this Cartier ladies watch for about $9,000.

female celebrity cartier watch - joan watson - cartier tank louis

Next up in our female celebrity Cartier watch list is Annalise Keating, the brilliant and manipulative lawyer/professor played by Viola Davis in the hit ABC show How to Get Away With Murder. How indeed? Hmmm, maybe the more important question for our Famewatcher purposes is how do we get eleven grand to buy a Cartier watch like the one Annalise is wearing? Yup, Professor Keating’s Cartier Tank Americaine watch is worth $10,995.

female celebrity cartier watch - annalise keating viola david cartier tank americaine

Third in our list of female celebrity Cartier watch wearers is Claire Underwear who is played by Robin Wright on House of Cards. Claire’s watch on the left is a Cartier Tank Francaise Bracelet Watch which you can buy for $4,250. The one she’s wearing on the right, a Tank Louise Cartier Watch, has a higher price tag at $7173. [Correction: OMG, we called her Claire Underwear instead of Underwood. We are not editing out the mistake because it is kinda funny.]

female celebrity cartier watch - claire underwood robin wright - cartier tank francaise bracelet watch5

Last but certainly not the least in our list of female celebrity Cartier watch is this Cartier Tank Americaine White Gold Midsize Watch worn by Spencer Hastings (played by Troian Bellisario) on Pretty Little Liars which is being aired on ABC Family.

female celebrity cartier watch - Tank Americaine White Gold Midsize Watch - spencer hastings - troian bellisario in pll

So how much is a Cartier Tank Americaine watch like the one on Spencer/Troian? You can have it for the very sexy price of $9,553.

So WatchWatchers, what do you think of our female celebrity Cartier watch list?