Dominican Female Models List: The Best and Hottest of them All?

Dominican Female Models List (Updated). Hollywood actress and Dominican female model Dania Ramirez has been hired by the CoverGirl cosmetics brand as its spokesmodel starting January 2010. Says Dania of her latest gig:

“I used to watch the (CoverGirl) commercials. I remember watching and being like, ‘Oh my God! I wish I could be one of those girls!’ And now I am one of those girls – it’s a dream come true.

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Rachel Christie Miss England 2009 – Vote Controversy

Rachel Christie Miss England 2009 – Vote Controversy. There she goes…. Rachel Christie will no longer be known as the niece of Olympic gold medalist Linford Christie because she’s now famous in her own right. Rachel will now be known as Miss England 2009 and is the first black woman to win the title.

She will represent Merry Olde England in the Miss World competition. If you are a Rachel Christie fan — and we must admit here at Famewatcher that we are — then keep your fingers crossed for her to do well in Miss World. Hmm, when was the last time a Miss England brought home the beauty title?

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