Fashion for Women in Their 40s: Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox

Fashion for Women in Their 40s. Who’s looking better in their evening get-up? Lisa Kudrow in her dress pants and jacket or Courteney Cox in her above-the-knee dress? Sorry Lisa, you are our favorite Friends star but Courteney (our third favorite after Joey) wins this one. We think Courteney dressed for the occasion while Lisa looks like she attended a PTA meeting and went straight to this benefit gig (this is a benefit gig right?)

fashion for women in their 40s - courteney and lisa

We think they are singing “Smelly cat, smelly cat….”


Courteney Cox’s Rolex Day-Date Watch
07 August 2010

fashion for women in their 40s - courteney rolex watch

Want more celebrity ladies watches? Here’s Courteney Cox and her Rolex Day Date watch. Courteney, of course, is the star of the ABC hit show Cougar Town which is about the many adventures of a woman in mid-life. Well, it started that way in its first season. Now, we’re now told that they are expanding the focus of the show because they can’t spend every episode showing a forty-something woman banging a younger guy.

Anyhoo, check out these other celebrities wearing their Rolex Day Date watches.

More fashion for women in their 40s (as exemplified by Courteney Cox) after the jump.