Male Celebrity Sweatpants. We know you are looking for more sweatpants for men, so we decided to bring you some male celebrity sweatpants. Or, in the words of our friend Deena, “famous men like David Beckham wearing them some hot sweatpants”.

So let’s start with the gorgeous English footballer who seems to have the ability to either begin a trend in men’s fashion or catch on to it. Here’s a shirtless Beckham posing in his H&M sweatpants.

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Edible Underwear For Women. What will underwear designers and manufacturers think of next? They gave us those organic soy underwear. Then there are thongs, and jockstraps, and long johns, and briefs, and boxer briefs, and g-strings. Then there’s that Japanese astronaut who used some kind of “self-cleaning” undies in space. Okay, that astronaut underwear is still being studied but the underwear choices we have these days do boggle the mind, don’t they?

edible underwear for women

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Corsets for women is a new “cool” fashion trend these days and one Hollywood A-List celebrity who loves her corset is Katy Perry. She wore a fabulous corset in her Esquire Magazine photoshoot [See Katy’s San Remo Striptease]. And then she also wore this West Ham United corset when she hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards last November. She reportedly did it to honor her boyfriend Russell Brand’s favorite football club.

corsets for women - katy perry west ham corset

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