Who likes shirtless photos of Michalis Sifakis wearing nothing but skimpy briefs-style Speedo swimsuit? All of us Famewatchers, don’t we? Well, you won’t be disappointed because our Greek goalkeeper is kinda like David Beckham in the sense that he doesn’t mind stripping off his shirt. Please tell us we are not the only ones wanting to buy them pair of distressed jeans? Hehehe. Michalis is hot when he goes for the “shirtless footballer” look but it is also important to note that he’s still very much a hottie even if he’s got a shirt to cover his upper gorgeousness. Apparently, he’s like our friend TobyRead More →

For those of us who can’t get enough of Sakis Rouvas, the Greek singer, actor, pole vaulter, etc, etc. we blogged about earlier. As we mentioned, Sakis is representing his country in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest so we should be cheering for him, right? Go, Sakis. Sakis Rouvas: Eurovision 2009 Finalist – Performance Video 15 May 2009 Sakis Rouvas, the Greek pop star we blogged about earlier (check out his shirtlessphotos) made it to the final round of Eurovision 2009. Check out this video of his performance during the semi-finals. This is Our Night Lyrics: Sakis Rouvas Eurovision Entry 07 May 2009 Sakis RouvasRead More →