bill reilich underwear - boxer briefs - ellen degeneres gardener

Bill Reilich Shirtless Muscle Hunk. Oh my. Look at all them muscles on Ellen Degeneres’ gardener Nick aka Bill Reilich. What is his workout routine like to get all those hard biceps and abs and glutes and everything we wish for in our man?Read More →

Okay, this one is for those of you who are fans of muscled construction workers. Damn, these guys got great six pack abs don’t they? Photos are from the Baukalendar 2011 which features sexy hunky men from Austria. We don’t know yet whether these guys are models or are real construction workers. What do you think? More…Read More →

Vintage photographs of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from back in the 1970s when he was a body builder. Check him out in his itsy bitsie bodybuilder’s Speedo suit. What do you think of all them muscles? You know of course, that our Arnold won several Mr. Universe and other male bodybuilding contests. [Want more male body builders?] More after the jump.Read More →