How do you know that you made it as a celebrity? According to our celebrity-watcher friend Deena, you made it to the pinnacle of “celebrityhood” if people are wondering whether you ever had plastic surgery (example: some of you are looking for Kathy Griffin’s liposuction photos) or if Googlers are searching for your shirtless photos. Now, if we are going to use Deena’s criteria for celebrityhood, we guess it would be safe to say that Jay Haizlip has “arrived” as a celebrity because, before we wrote this post, at least 10 of you googled for his shirtless pics and somehow ended up here. Unfortunately forRead More →

Once again, let’s have a “better late than never” post and this time, let’s talk about these hot and sexy Orthodox priest/models. We should have blogged about this last year since these priests are modeling for a 2013 calendar but appreciation for hot and sexy men of the cloth is timeless so we know you’ll still appreciate this post even if we’re not that timely. For the record, we are gonna say outright that we do not know whether these guys are really Orthodox priests or whether they’re just male models posing as priests. If they are the real deal, we won’t be surprised ifRead More →

Will Native Americans soon have their first Catholic saint? We hope so. Kateri Tekakwitha also known as Lily of the Mohawks is reportedly in the “cusp of canonization” more than 300 years after her death. You can read more about Lily here. And here’s a Time Magazine article from way back in 1961 about the Lily of the Mohawks: The dark-skinned, pock-marked girl who may well become the first native-born American saint* last week made another step on the long road to canonization. In a public consistory in Rome, Pope John XXIII heard church lawyers make a petition for the beatification of Kateri Tekakwitha. FastingRead More →