Evan Bass Shirtless Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor: Gay or Straight?

Evan Bass Shirtless: Erectile Dysfunction Specialist. Let us add Evan Bass to our list of hot doctors. Evan is making headlines these days because he is a participant on ABC’s The Bachelorette. What makes him more interesting and more intriguing than his rivals? Well, the fact that he is an erectile dysfunction specialist, that’s what!

First of all, when we heard of “erectile dysfunction specialist”, we mistakenly thought that it is just Hollywoodspeak for fluffer. For those not in the know, a fluffer is a very important person in an adult movie set. Why, you ask? Because he or she is tasked to make sure that an adult actor is always hard. And, consequently, he’d be always ready to go.

But we did some investigation (and, by that, we mean googling) and we discovered that being an erectile dysfunction treatment specialist is a legit job in the medical field. Bustle.com tells us more:

But still, an erectile dysfunction specialist? What exactly does that entail? Essentially, an erectile dysfunction specialist is a sexual health doctor for men, specifically looking at the hormonal, mental, and physical influences which can impact on a man’s sexual performance and at the best methods for improving or fixing problems with that performance.

Bachelor Evan talks about what he does in an interview with ABC from a few years back. Watch and be more informed on men’s health:

Evan Bass Shirtless Photos. Now, those of you who are looking for some shirtless pics of our reality star will have to content yourself with this because it’s the only one we can find.

evan bass shirtless bachelor2a

Let us hope that some Evan Bass shirtless pics will come out from The Bachelorette. Who says a “dyck whisperer” like Evan does not take selfies in the restroom?

evan bass erectile dysfunction treatment specialist2

We’re including the next pic below simply because it looks fun.

evan bass underwear

Is Evan Bass Gay or Straight? Of course he is straight. Why else would he go to The Bachelorette? It’s not like he’s there to hook up with the guys, right? Although, it is not unlikely that some Bachelors in the past were into that guy hookups too. Hehe.