Congratulations to Alexander Rybak for winning the Eurovision Song Contest. He was the favorite going into the competition and he didn’t disappoint. And we’re pretty sure he expanded his fanbase when he said this: “Why did they (the Moscow police) spend all their energy stopping gays in Moscow when the biggest gay parade was here tonight?” Hehe. Good question, Alexander. What say you, anti-gay Moscow officials? FIRST POST: Is Alexander Rybak the next Eurovision winner? We don’t know but he is the favorite heading into the competition. What does he think of the fact that he’s the favorite? “I try to think about being theRead More →

Video performance of Sasha Son (Lithuania) singing his piece, Love, during the Eurovision 2009 semifinals. Sasha made it to the final round. Check out the lyrics/song text of Love after the jump.Love LyricsArtist: Sasha Son I’ve had it all as a little childI’ve done it all as a little childBut the pain that I haveFor the fame that I got, was for what? A little girl is crying aloneA little boy searching for his homeEven after I’ve sinned for a heart-craving dreamIs that a sin? If you really love the love you sayYou’ll love with a loveThen surely that love would loveThen surely that loveRead More →