Errol Barnett Shirtless, Weight Loss, Gay or Girlfriend?

Errol Barnett Shirtless Photos. Let’s continue blogging about media hunks and, this time, let’s check out CNN anchor Errol Barnett who, unlike some of his CNN colleagues (we’re looking at you Anderson!), is generous when it comes to sharing his shirtless photos.

We grabbed this images from Errol’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at @erroswindow. Okay, here’s the first Errol Barnett shirtless pic:

errol barnett shirtless

Did you know that he was chunkier a few years ago? Check out his before and after weight-loss photos:

errol barnett weight loss before and after

Errol’s message accompanying the above:

So I guess I used to have a #dadbod even though I’m not a Dad – That’s possible right? 😅 The left pic is from 2011 when I was 200lbs, 25% body fat and only sporadically lifting #weights. But lifting drinks all the time…🍻 The right pic is now, years of being more healthy and three months into a strict #weights, #running and #eating #lean regimen; 175lbs, 8%bf. #Happy with results but more to do 💪 The biggest challenge is incorporating #workouts + proper foods into my #overnight work schedule + #social life. Painstakingly planning out my days and weeks helps. 📅📝💤 But I want to know – How do you #maintain fitness + #health while still getting everything done? I could use more #advice than in can give! And point me to your #beforeafterpic too.

Check out another Errol Barnett shirtless pic after the jump.