robert grabarz underwear

Robert Grabarz Underwear: Bjorn Borg Boxers. Look who’s wearing a pair of Bjorn Borgs? It’s high jumper Robert Grabarz, winner of the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Did Robbie ink a deal with the Swedish tennis-champ-turned-designer to be one of the brand’s spokesmodel? We hope he did because we want more underwear pics from this British stud. We also hope that he’d be wearing skimpy briefs the next time around. About time some British dude give that David Beckham a run for his underwear-modeling money, no?Read More →

Charlie Hunnam calvin klein underwear

Charlie Hunnam Underwear and Other Stuff. Will Pacific Rim be Charlie Hunnam‘s ticket to the big league? We hope it does. The guy is clearly talented but, because his movies are not what you would call box-office friendly, his star has not been as bright as it should be. We hope that the big budgeted Pacific Rim, which also stars Academy Award-nominated Rinko Kikuchi will help Charlie (and Rinko of course) go higher the celebrity ladder.Read More →