Emma Watson’s Underwear – Bikini Beach Photos

Update: Sorry, photos of Emma have been deleted.

Emma Watson is one of them girls who don’t need Dr Rey’s shapewear. What she needs though is some nutritionist to give her some good food or something. She looks so thin in this picture. God forbid she becomes one of them sickly thin models.

Now, why so serious and grim Emma? Thinking of your Harvard lessons or are you doing a wand-less (wand-free?) spell to drive the paparazzi away?

Anyhoo, have you Famewatchers seen this controversial photo of our Emma during one of them Harry Potter premieres. Lesson we can draw from this photo: It ain’t a good idea to wear an open-front dress during windy days.

UPDATE: Want More Emma Watson Underwear?

Hah! Why are we not surprised that a lot of you guys want more Emma Watson underwear? We strive to give what our readers want so here’s a photo of the Harry Potter star shopping for an underwear with Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos. Nah, they’re not shopping buddies in real life, they’re just doing a shopping segment for Maria’s show.

We initially thought that the words printed in them underwear – “Here Comes Trouble” – is the name for the underwear label but it turns out that it’s not a brand name at all. It’s actually a cool name for an underwear line, no? It sounds cheeky and fun and kinda sexy. “Here Comes Trouble” reminds us of Olympic skiing gold medalist Julia Mancuso’s Kiss My Tiara underwear.

If we’ve got the money, the first thing we are going to do is get a copyright or trademark or whatever it is they call it and design/produce underwear that we’re going to call “Here Comes Trouble” and hire Emma to be our celebrity spokesperson.

It would be a nice complement to Julia’s “Kiss My Tiara”! Hehe. Can you imagine yourself saying, “I’m wearing Here Comes Trouble!”