Peter Van der Veen Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Bodybuilding Speedo

Peter Van der Veen Gay or Girlfriend and Other Stuff. Another day and there’s another hot bodyguard that internetizens are drooling over. His name is Peter Van Der Veen. He is Dutch. He is Adele’s bodyguard and used to be Lady Gaga’s bodyguard. He used to be a bodybuilder and has, in fact, has a bodybuilding title to his name aka Mr. Europe 2005. And, he is the latest addition to our Bald Men are Hot category.

Here’s what the internets is saying about our bald hottie:

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Dutch Male Models: Underwear, Runway, Commercial Models

Dutch Male Models: Underwear, Runway, Commercial Models. Let’s continue blogging about male models from around the world and, this time, let’s focus on those who come from The Netherlands which is well represented in the modeling world. Some, like our friend Deena, would say that Dutch men are not only well-represented in the modeling world but are over-represented.

In the words of our friend Deena, “If you see a blonde, slim, blue-eyed male model in commercials or on the runway, there’s a good chance that he is from The Netherlands.” Do you agree with her take? Anyhoo, here are seven Dutch male models for you to appreciate.

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