Dustin Clare Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Dustin Clare Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who is Dustin Clare and why are we Famewatching him? Duh! How un-informed are you? Dustin is an Aussie hunk who stars in Spartacus, probably the best television show in the whole world, and we are Famewatching him because 1) he is an Aussie hunk and we love, love, love us our Aussie men and can’t get enough of them (hello, shirtless Dean Geyer!) and 2) because he looks awesome good in his Spartacus loincloth. If you can find an actor who can look as sexy hot in a loincloth (is it technically a loincloth or what?) as our Dustin below, then call us, we’re gonna give you a hundred bucks. Haha. Joke. Joke.

dustin clare underwear - loincloth - spartacus gods of the arena

How did Dustin get them awesome physique? By physical training and diet of course. He tells collider.com in an interview last year:

We train a lot and we have really strict diets for the six or seven months during when we’re filming. We do a boot camp for a month straight, before we start, and then that gets us in pretty good shape. No one is really out of shape, in that sense, but we spend about four weeks training, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 1 o’clock in the afternoon, have some lunch, and then go home. I usually do some light pool work after that. It’s a really good routine to get our bodies flexible and mobile and ready to undertake the workload that we’re about to embark on. Without a doubt, everyone has had some injuries, at some point. It’s usually about 3/4 of the way through when the injuries start to come in, when the body is starting to get tired and the physical exertion is pushing the body to a limit where you’re starting to put that stress on your body. So, it becomes about looking after yourself for those seven months. We’re lucky that we have a great team of stunt coordinators and stuntmen, who really look after us and train with us really well. We train together a lot, and I train with my stunt double a lot. I really enjoy that. My stunt double and I have a great relationship.

How old is Dustin Clare? According to wikipedia, our Aussie hottie (he hails from New South Wales, in case you are wondering) was born on 02 January 1982 which means he just turned 31 at the turn of the new year. Dustin started acting in 2003 and, although he may not be world famous like the other Aussie hunks we blogged about in the past (Hugh Jackman, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth to name a few), he already has several movie and TV projects to his name.

Aside from Spartacus (where he plays the role of a badass gladiator named Gannicus), his other TV projects include the drama series Satisfaction where he stripped to his briefs. Yay! [Want more Male Celebrity Briefs?]

dustin clare underwear - briefs

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