Dr Chris Brown of Bondi Vet Shirtless Photos

Dr Chris Brown Shirtless Bondi Vet and Underwear Photos. Is Dr. Chris Brown of Bondi Vet the hottest guy on television? Hmmmm. Maybe not the hottest because such distinction is reserved for our imaginary beau Zach Cregger [see Zach Cregger Shirtless]. But Chris Brown is certainly up there (maybe top 1%) in the hotness department. Do you agree or disagree?

bondi vet chris brown - gay or straight - toonarama

Anyhoo here are some shirtless photo of the curly-haired and hunky veterinarian. He’s so damn fit, no? All that surfing and the other physical activities he engages will do that to you.

bondi vet chris brown - naked - surfing2

Aside from being THE Bondi Vet, our Dr. Chris is also a host (or presenter as you British/Aussie guys call it) for the lifestyle program, The Living Room. One of the interesting things he did on the show is to cover the Japanese Hadaka Matsuri (or Naked Man) festival where men wear nothing but their fundoshi loincloth or underwear.

chris brown sumo loincloth underwear - hadaka matsuri festival in japan

Is our Dr. Brown brave enough to wear a fundoshi? You bet he is. Here’s a photo evidence of his “bravery”.

chris brown sumo loincloth underwear - hadaka matsuri festival in japan2

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The ever critical Kevin has forced us to put “bravery” in quotes above because according to him, “bravery is when someone saves another from a burning building or when someone fights a crazy dictator like Hitler or when a Republican defies the crazy elements of his/her party”.

Still, we are saying that our hunky vet is brave because the Australian media made fun of him for wearing what they called a “nappy”. Being laughed at by your colleagues at novafm.com.au which had this blaring headline “Dr Chris Brown in a nappy with a Naked Man” should count for something, no? Hehehe.

dr chris brown - speedo swim shorts - bondi vet

Does Dr. Chris have a girlfriend? He used to date Channel Nine reporter Roz Kelly and actress/TV host Zoe Ventoura but, to borrow the words of the Daily Mail, he “is believed to be single” at the moment.

dr chris brown speedo swimsuit - sexy hunk

Maybe he is gay and has a boyfriend he is not telling us about? #justjokingfolksdontkillus.

Dr Chris Brown Shirtless and Underwear Photos (2017 Update). We are updating this post to bring you for Dr Chris Brown shirtless and underwear photos.

dr chris brown shirtless

The “boxers or briefs” question has been answered. Apparently our good doctor is a boxer briefs dude.

dr chris brown underwear

Photos are screencapped from when Dr. Chris went for a cryotherapy session.

dr chris brown underwear boxer briefs2

Dr Chris Brown Shirtless Bondi Vet and Underwear Photos posted 11 January 2014. Last updated: 25 March 2017.