Donald Glover Underwear & Shirtless Photos: Community’s Troy Barnes = Muscle Hunk

Donald Glover Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Troy Barnes is a Muscle Hunk. Who’d have thunk that Donald Glover (you might know him as Troy Barnes in the NBC show, Community) is hiding some really well-defined washboard abs that rivals The Situation’s and Taylor Lautner’s? If the producers want Community’s rating to improve, they should feature a shirtless Troy every episode.

don glover washboard abs

Sure, the episode where the Community boys stripped to their underwear was cool and thrilled the fans but those of us who love us our Don Glover want more Troy shirtlessness.
donald glover shirtless

We know Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi) will agree with us. Who knows, maybe he will make a movie starring a shirtless Troy. Haha.

donald glover shirtless

By the way, were you disappointed when Don changed his Twitter handle from the more awesome DonGlover (aka dong lover) to the pretty generic DonaldGlover. He should change it back again. Hehe.

Here’s another info that Community fans may not know about our dong lover: He is also a songwriter/rapper! He goes by the name Childish Gambino when he wears his performing hat as a rapper/musician. Here’s Don onstage during a concert in nothing but a pair of blue boxers underwear. Yay!

don glover underwear - boxer shorts - childish gambino concert

Don’t presume that he is a boxers guy based on the photo above because he was also spotted wearing briefs in the Community episode we mentioned above. We think he likes both briefs and boxers.

don glover underwear - yfront briefs - community

Does Don Glover have a girlfriend? Maybe he is gay? Nah, we don’t think he is gay (there’s nothing wrong if he is). According to the internets (aka, he dated a model named Adesuwa Aighewi but “then he dumped her for Samantha Duenas”. We don’t know if the two are still dating. If you know Don’s relationship status, do tell in the comment section. Muchas gracias.

Donald Glover Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Troy Barnes in Community. Posted 5 February 2013. Updated 21 April 2017.