Dominican Female Models List: The Best and Hottest of them All?

Dominican Female Models List (Updated). Hollywood actress and Dominican female model Dania Ramirez has been hired by the CoverGirl cosmetics brand as its spokesmodel starting January 2010. Says Dania of her latest gig:

“I used to watch the (CoverGirl) commercials. I remember watching and being like, ‘Oh my God! I wish I could be one of those girls!’ And now I am one of those girls – it’s a dream come true.

“To be affiliated with a company like CoverGirl, who embraces what a woman is – beauty in all of us – I just feel like they encourage women to be the best version of themselves they can be.”

Dania, who was born in Sto. Domingo in the Dominican Republic, regularly appears on TV as Maya Herrera in Heroes. [Originally published on 14 April 2009]

UPDATE: Dania Ramirez’s CoverGirl Magazine Photos

One of the benefits of being a CoverGirl spokesmodel is that you will actually appear as a cover girl in the CoverGirl Magazine. Here are some of Dania’s fabulous covers for the magazine. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?

We particularly love this one because she’s glowing in this picture. As Tyra would say, “There’s an inner glowwww in you, gurl!”

Dania in CoverGirl with fellow Dominican babe, Rihanna and one of our favorite actresses, Queen Latifah. [Update: Oops, Rihanna is actually from Barbados not the Dominican Republic.]

In early 2010 Dania and Queen Latifah became the face of CoverGirl’s Clean Makeup For Clean Water Campaign, here’s the two celebrities during the campaign launch in Los Angeles.

The campaign gave Dania the opportunity to give back to her country as part of CoverGirl’s pledge to help deliver clean drinking water to people in need. Says Dania of her involvement in the campaign:

“This program is especially important to me as I know firsthand that unsafe drinking water is a matter of life or death. When I was growing up in the Dominican Republic, we had to boil our water before drinking it so we didn’t get sick or worse. It means so much to me to give back such a simple gift as clean water!”

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