Men in Arena Swimwear: Sexy Olympians, Models, Alexander Popov, and Stephane Debaere. Although we often refer to swimsuits as Speedos, it is important to remember that Speedo is not the only swimsuit brand out there and that there are actually other brands that, though less famously known, are just as good, as sexy, and as cool as Speedos.

One of said brands would be Arena swimwear which, according to wikipedia, was actually created by Adidas France but is now a totally independent company headquartered in Italy. Anyhoo here’s an advert featuring a handsome redhead with the reddest head we’ve seen in a while.

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Water Polo Speedo Swimsuits: Various National Teams. Water polo athletes in their Speedo swimsuits, what’s not to like? It must be very challenging to play with a slippery ball while you’re wet, eh? But these members of the national Italian water polo team (nickname: Setebello) are experts at it.

water polo speedo swimsuits italy national team

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Here’s Part II of our series focusing on male divers who are currently at the top of the diving world. If you missed Part I which focused on 3-meter springboard divers, go check it out here: Best Male Divers in the World.

This post focuses on the ten best platform divers in 2014 as ranked by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) or the International Swimming Federation. We think the ranking should cover a longer period (rather than just the past 12 months) and that it should include more results from more events (rather than the best three results), but that’s us.

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