Dirk Bikkembergs Mens Suits For Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter

Dirk Bikkembergs Mens Suits. When it comes to men’s suits, Dirk Bikkembergs is all about sporty suits. It’s not the suit for those who want to hide their bodies behind their clothes. It’s for the dude who’ve got a good musculature and who’d like to show the world that he’s in tip-top shape. Year after year, season after season, this appears to be what we would call the “signature look” of Dirk Bikkemberg suits for men.

A Dirk Bikkemberg suit is that kind that brings out the sexiness in men. Because of this, we think all guys should have at least one Bikkemberg suit, after all, all guys have the “inner sexy” or the “inner stud” in them, right? If they’re in good shape, then they should show off once in a while and a Bikkemberg suit is a good way to do that. If they’re in bad shape, then a body-fit Bikkemberg suit just stuck in the closet can hopefully egg them or inspire them to get in shape.

We agree with a GQ reviewer that a Bikkemberg suit is not something you’d wear to the office. So where do you wear it then? We’d say you can wear them to a garden wedding (especially if you’re the groom). Or when you’d like to travel in style and want to catch the attention of the lovely ladies (or the studly gentlemen, if you’re that kind of guy). If you are a celeb, you can also wear your Bikkemberg suit on the red carpet (which is the best place to show off your hot bod to your fellow celebs as well as to the rest of the world).

Anyhoo, here are some of Dirk Bikkemberg suits from various seasons. There’s a sameness to the “look” but when it ain’t broke, don’t mess it up.

Spring 2012 Collection: Forget what we said about not wearing

Dirk Bikkembergs Mens Suits collection

Fall|Winter 2011 Menswear Collection:

dirk bikkemberg mens suits

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