Dior Homme Leather Jacket Celebrity Fans: Zac Efron and Co

Zac Efron in Dior Homme leather jacket from his cover shoot with Details Magazine. Hello there, boyfriend! Why are you hiding your handsome face?

Our boyfriend in Calvin Klein shirt. We love his playfulness :-)

Want more of Zac Efron’s fashion style? Or check out these men in leather jackets?

Celebrity Fans of Dior Homme Leather Jacket
03 August 2011

Let’s check out more celebrities who, like Zac Efron, love them their Dior Homme leather jackets, shall we? First here’s American singer Brandon Flowers, frontman of the rock-band The Killers, looking pretty cool in his Dior Homme Pink Leather Blazer from the French fashion label’s Spring|Summer 2005 collection. We’re pretty sure George W. Bush will call this “fabulous” and although we disagree with Dubya’s dubious politics we’d agree that this is indeed a fabulous jacket. Brandon didn’t win “best dressed” awards for nothing, no?

Speaking of fabulous outfits, what do you think of this printed Dior Homme leather jacket? Would you consider it fabulous? Or do you think, as our friend Deena does, that leather should be left “pristine” and that its a fashion sin to print something to it like the one below?

Anyhoo, let’s go back to male celebrities who wear Dior Homme leather jackets with these photos of German androgynous singer Bill Kaulitz, lead singer for the band Tokio Hotel, with twin brother Tom.

Here’s Bill wearing a Dior Homme Gathered Nappa Leather Jacket.

And here’s him again. This time he’s wearing a Dior Homme Four Pocket Leather Jacket. He’s a fabulous dresser all right. In fact, the German edition of GQ Magazine ranked him at #11 in their Best Dressed List back in 2009.

Let’s end this post of Dior Leather-loving celebrities with Englishman Robert Pattinson who’s wearing a Dior Homme Lambskin Leather Motorcycle Jacket in this photoshoot with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

Do you know any other celebrity who loves to wear Dior Homme leather?

Note: Originally posted on 10 August 2010. Updated on 03 August 2011.