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Latest Dieux du Stade calendars featuring hunky male athletes from rugby, football, and other sports. Beautiful photos of handsome, manly, virile men with no clothes.

Dieux Du Stade 2018 Calendar Hunks

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Dieux Du Stade 2018 Calendar Hunks. Another year, another Dieux du Stade calendar featuring the hottest and manliest guys in sports. If you want to ogle at these dudes for the coming 2018, you should go to the Dieux du Stade website and order a calendar now. For the time being, let us check out some of the guys featured in the calendar shall we?

Damien Chouly is a French rugby union foootball player. He currently plays for ASM Clermont Auvergne which he captains. He also represents France in international competitions. Damien is 31 years old and, as far as the internet knows, is still single and available. Yay.

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