Diesel Jeans for Girls: Female Models and Celebrity Fans

jeans for girls women by diesel

Of course, we’re not just about Diesel jeans for men here at Famewatcher. We’re also about girls wearing Diesel denim jeans from the Italian label’s 2011 collection.

So who among your favorite female Hollywood celebrities wear Diesel Jeans? If you’re a fan of actress/comedian/singer Anna Faris, then you probably already know that she loves her her Diesels, right? Here’s Anna wearing a pair of faded Diesel Hush Jeans. Looks like our girl’s been traveling, no? She’s dressed casually and looks a little tired but still looks fabulous.

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Diesel Leather Jackets for Men: Fall Winter Menswear Fashion

diesel black leather jacket for men

Diesel leather jackets for men from the Italian label’s Fall Winter menswear collection. Our friend Kevin is a Diesel fan because its designs are totally wearable. You know, none of them silly things you sometimes see on the runway that no one on their right mind will be wearing. Okay, maybe Lady Gaga and Rihanna and some Halloween treat or tricksters will wear them but no one else will.
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Diesel Mens Underwear Models: Briefs, Boxers, Longjohns – Ian Mellencamp

diesel underwear. men wearing womens panties

Okay, this post is for those of you who are fans of Diesel menswear particularly its “Intimate” underwear collection for men. These undies are all cool but we here at Famewatcher are debating whether the first photo above is a guy wearing women’s panties or a girl who kinda looks like a man. What do you think? This androgyny thing is confusing sometimes, no? More…
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