Devon Sawa Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Now and Then

Devon Sawa Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Now and Then. Thank heavens for Nikita. It brought us back the 1990s teen matinee idol that is Devon Sawa. We thought he’s gone the way of other teen stars who faded and disappeared from the biz when they got older but our Canadian cutie is back.

devon sawa as a young man

Old fans are rediscovering him. New fans are discovering him. And some of the old and new fans are shipping him with his Nikita co-star Shane West and calling the pair SheVon. [Our friend Deena wonders why they don’t call the imagined couple Devane?]

devon sawa shane west - shevon

They do look good together, don’t they? They remind us of those gay wedding photos we’ve been seeing in the news lately.

Is Maggie Q their “groomsmaid”. There should be a groomsmaid in weddings, don’t you think? There’s a bridesmaid. There’s a best man. Why don’t we combine the two and call them either “best lady” or “groomsmaid”?

Devon Sawa Maggie Q and Shane West in Nikita

Anyhoo, let’s go back to Deena’s 1990s crush Devon Sawa. He lost his teen cuteness but he’s gained some muscles which muscle worshipers will appreciate.

devon sawa shirtless in nikita

Does he remind you of our other celebrity crush, Jeremy Renner? Both of them seem to be the kind of guy who is silent but who get things done, no? Or, to use Deena’s words, “taciturn but deadly”.

devon sawa underwear - tattoos