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DENIM JACKET FOR MEN. We love denim jackets (they’re classic fashion which will be in “style” forever) but we love the sluttiness of Jesse Metcalfe more. Seriously, is Jesse the sluttiest man in Hollywood or what? He teased us earlier in his “I partially unzipped my blue jeans, come fully unzip it honey” act. He loves showing off his bulging biceps. And he’s like, “Watch my bum in camo pants”. Yeah, we will honey. You’re such a man-slut and that is why we love you.Read More →

Blue Denim Jacket of the Day. Today in celebrity denim jackets, we bring you Jake Miller and his popped up blue denim jacket. If that image is not the depiction of coolness, we don’t know what is. [Wanna see more of Jake Miller? Check out his shirtless photo in our post on hot male singers.] How hot is this guy? He’s hot enough that Wilhelmina Models signed him as a celebrity model. Here’s another pic of Jake and his fabulous blue denim jacket. Is he trying to say that he wants to grow more inches to his body? He currently stands at 1.74m (5feet 8.5inches)Read More →