Debra Barr Underwear Modeling Photos

Debra Barr Underwear Model. Look who’s got herself some underwear modeling photos? It’s BBC Apprentice’s Debra Barr, that’s who. We gotta give her props for making the best with what she’s got. We’re guessing these photos were taken after her surgical enhancement procedure?

debra barr underwear

UPDATE: Sorry, we have to remove the Debra Barr underwear photos. Non-underwear pics of Debra as replacement for the ones we deleted.


Apprentice Debra Barr: Boob Job Surgery
22 April 2009

debra barr breast implant surgery

Did BBC Apprentice Debra Barr have a breast augmentation procedure to enhance her boobs? Yes she did according to a friend quoted by The Sun: “She was unhappy with her figure and thought getting fake boobs would make her more attractive.”

Not that we are against that kind of thing but she had her surgery when she was only 17 years old while her body was still developing. What if nature would eventually give her the same size, it would be a waste of money, no?

Want more celebrity plastic surgery?

Debra Barr in BBC’s The Apprentice 5
18 March 2009

Will Debra be Sir Alan’s Apprentice?

From the BBC: Outspoken saleswoman Debra, was awarded ‘mouth of the year’ at her office Christmas party and confesses to being a bit ‘tenacious’. Buckinghamshire-born Debra considers herself to be a direct and driven saleswoman with a passion for business and a love of horses. At the age of ten Debra had a reading age of a six-year-old but she won her struggle with literacy and went on to study English Literature at university. Inspired by Bill Gates and Richard Branson she is a go-getter who would rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

She says: “When I set my sights on something I have to make sure I get it. I am very cautious and only let the people that I can trust see the softer side of me.”

Debra Barr Underwear Modeling Photos and Breast Implant Surgery? Posted 17 May 2009.