David Rich Fitness Model in Swimwear and Underwear

David Rich Fitness Model Models Underwear. David in his white Andiamo underwear. We are told that Andiamo makes underwear for cyclists, horseback riders, motorcyclists, and those who engage in the kind of activity which chafes at your crotch section and inner legs. We didn’t know this kind of underwear exists but are sure glad that it does.

david rich briefs andiamo

Speaking of sporty underwear. Here’s David looking fabulous in his Champion jockstrap. It should make our friend Kevin, a fan of guys in jockstrap underwear, very very happy. Haha.

Next, let’s check out our boyish model happy with his white Calvin Klein briefs.

david rich fitness model calvin klein underwear

David in another Calvin Klein underwear. What do we call this kind of underwear? Cyclist underwear? We think this is the kind of undies popularized by tennis star Andre Agassi, right?

david rich fitness model calvin klein

It might interest you underwear-watchers to know that David Rich actually launched his own underwear line. Fittingly enough, he called it Rich Underwear which is a pretty cool name. Check out the handsome model modeling his own underwear brand.

white mens brief underwear david rich2

Apparently, the underwear is made of bamboo and in an interview with Ohlala Magazine, David had this to say about his underwear:
Ohlalamag: How did you can across using bamboo fabric for underwear?
David: Originally I was going to use cotton or polyester like most other bands. Then a girl at a photo shoot told me, “you have to use bamboo fabric because its so soft”. I was like “bamboo, from a tree”? I did some research that night and realized that bamboo is good for the environment, an eco friendly fabric. It’s also good for you cause its naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. But the best part is that it’s so soft, which is really important for underwear.
Eco-friendly underwear that protects you from bacteria and viruses and fungi, what’s not to like?

david rich underwear model

David’s undies are available at richunderwear.com. [Update: Sorry, dead link. The website is now just a parked domain.]

David Rich: Physical Fitness Guru. Fitness guru David Rich models some multi-colored Speedos. Want to look good in your Speedo? Then you should check out David’s physical training videos on Youtube. He produces tons of how-to videos which give tips on how you can build a better and fitter Speedo body. Who wouldn’t want to have that?

Here’s one of David’s videos – Leg Roll for Abs – where he shows us how you can work out your lower and middle abs sections. Update: Sorry, the video is no longer available.

He’s got other videos which aspiring male models who are raring to get a model-fit body should check out. Anyhoo, here are more Speedo photos of this blond California model.

david rich speedo swimsuit

Hello, Mr. Hercules. Sometimes, David kind of looks like that male professional dancer in Dancing With the Stars …. hmm, we are trying to remember his name but … okay his name is Hough something but he’s blonde and cute and boyish like our David. We got it, David resembles pro dancer Derek Hough! You agree, right?

He packs his swimsuits rather nicely, that’s for sure. Red Speedos, anyone?

Or would you rather go for a black swimsuit?

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David Rich Fitness Model in Swimwear and Underwear. Posted 18 April 2009. Updated 20 May 2017.