David Haselhoff Speedo: Young vs. Old, Now and Then

David Hasselhoff Speedo: Young vs Old, Now and Then. Haha. Baywatch bikini men. Remember the days when the only skin you see on TV would be David Hasselhoff and his Baywatch boys and girls. They should produce another show like that but not necessarily with David as he’s busy fighting Piers Morgan and dating mystery girls.

David Hasselhoff bikini speedo

Wanna compare what a Speedo-wearing young David Hasselhoff vs an older version of him? Of course you do. So here’s our David rocking a pair of blue Speedo swimsuit.

David Hasselhoff wearing blue speedo

And here’s a recent photo of our David in a pair of squarecut swimsuit. Truth be told, despite his age, he is actually looking good, right?

David Hasselhoff speedo now and then



Young David Haselhoff, Lifeguard
12 January 2010

david hasselhoff young baywatch

Let’s bring back the good old 1990s by putting up this photo of the very hairy David Haselhoff in his very red beach shorts. Admit it, you had fun watching Baywatch and them very hot lifeguards when the show was airing.

David Hasselhoff baywatch shorts2

By the by, do you know that the America’s Got Talent judge is going to make a movie version of Baywatch and that he is reportedly planning to include the Jedward twins in the cast. The twins got famous performing in Britain’s Got Talent.

David Hasselhoff baywatch shorts

The Sun quotes Haselhoff as saying: “I loved Jedward. I’d definitely give them a starring role. Can you imagine them running around the beach and saving people in the sea? They’d be hilarious.”

Update:¬†Want more David Hasselhoff Speedo photos taken when he was younger? Of course you do, right? Here’s our AGT judge looking fabulous in a pair of Speedo bikini.

David Hasselhoff speedo

Question: Is the guy above really David? Or is it a photoshopped image? We must admit that we cannot tell.

David Hasselhoff Speedo: Young vs. Old, Now and Then. Posted 24 April 2009. Updated 30 May 2017.