David Beckham Cell Phone of Choice: Motorola’s RAZR Phone

David Beckham Cell Phone of Choice: Motorola’s RAZR Phone. What cellphone does David Beckham have? Before we totally immerse ourselves talking about the Brangelina twins, you know the ones called Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon [seriously Brangelina, you should now pick a nickname for the twins because its a challenge to say their names], here’s a shirtless David Beckham trying to convince the Japanese to buy Motorola’s RAZR cell phone.


Will the campaign work? Maybe. Japanese people are crazy about their own products but a naked David is certainly worth a look.

Here’s the obvious formula that Motorola is using: Naked David Beckham PLUS cool cellphone EQUALS hot item in Japan WHICH MEANS profits.

If it worked for David’s Armani Underwear campaign, this David Beckham cell phone campaign should work for Motorola too.

Hey Look, It’s David’s Bluetooth
16 July 2008

Some guys have all the luck, don’t they? Look at David Beckham for instance. He’s cute. He’s yummy. He’s got a body to die for. He’s in the Forbes Power List. And now he’s got Motorola’s latest bluetooth. Only Brad Pitt and Cristiano Ronaldo can equal this guy in terms of the “giftedness” department.

Hey David, what about sharing your blessings to us Famewatchers?


Cell Phone as Garbage
29 July 2008

I bought another cellphone today. It is my fifth purchase ever since my first buy in 2000. I still have the four old ones and I honestly don’t know what to do with them. No wonder “old cell phone as garbage” is fast becoming a big problem.

A major cause for this is that cell companies keep changing their cell phone models and they do not make spare parts for older models. In fact, I have to buy a new cell phone because I can no longer any store that sells the kind of battery for my old one. Bummer.


The All Seeing Phone?
04 October 2008

A phone that can see through walls? What are the benefits of such a phone. Seriously? I am all for innovation and stuff but I’m not sure whether I like the idea of a cell phone that sees through walls as I tend to be a private person. And how does it work? Will it vaporize the wall so it can see through it?


Cell Phone Linked to Cancer?
21 November 2008

Listen up you people who spend all your time yakking on your cell phone, did you know that cell phone use may be related to cancer? That’s according to one researcher anyway. But other experts are saying that said researcher doesn’t have sufficient proof to prove his claims.

Even so, if I were you, I would limit my cell phone use. Better safe than sorry, my friends.


Coral-200-Solar: ZTE’s Solar Powered Cell Phone

01 March 2009

Want a solar-powered cell phone that you can buy at $US40? If you are living in Haiti, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea you should be looking forward to this solar powered cell phone because the Chinese Telecom company, ZTE, is planning to launch it in June 2009.

From SMH:
Chinese group ZTE unveiled the world’s first low-cost solar-powered mobile phone targeted at the world’s poor on Wednesday, which is to go on sale in June for under $US40 ($A62.70).

ZTE has partnered with emerging market network operator Digicel, which is to launch the device in Haiti, Samoa and Papua New Guinea and believes sales in the first year will reach “several hundred thousand.”

“We estimate in the world there are more than two billion people who have limited or no access to electricity,” Wang Yong Zhong, general manager of ZTE mobile handsets, told reporters at industry show Mobile World Congress.

The handset, called Coral-200-Solar, uses Dutch technology to boost the current from a single mini solar panel, which is located on the back of the phone and measures 3cm by 7cm.

David Beckham Cell Phone of Choice: Motorola’s RAZR Phone and Other Phone-Related Posts. Posted 5 August 2008.