David Beckham Bentley Bentayga: Celebrity Cars 2016

David Beckham Bentley Bentayga. What do David Beckham and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? Well, they are both British, they are both royals (Beckham is fashion slash football royalty while The Queen is “royal” royalty), and they are both members of the Bentley Bentayga Owners Club.

Here’s a photo of Beckham we grabbed from the Daily Mail which shows the global icon inside a Starbucks coffee shop while his Bentley Bentayga is parked nearby. Here’s a glimpse of the David Beckham Bentley Bentayga.

david beckham Bentley Bentayga

Beckham must have an advertising contract with Bentley because here he is in an ad campaign featuring a Bentley and a very prominently displayed Breitling watch. Very nice image, huh? Reminds us of that James Bond movie Skyfall where M dies in Scotland. Hehe. We know that’s not what the good people behind this advert were going for but we can’t help what this image evokes in our mind.

david beckham Bentley Bentayga and breitling

Anyhoo, as we were saying, both The Queen and Beckham are members of the Bentley Bentayga Owners Club. Of course, there’s no formal club with that name — if there is we are not aware of it — all we are saying is that they both own the same kind of car.

Apparently, the first delivery of a Bentley Bentayga is to The Queen’s address. From Auto Evolution:

The first man – or rather woman – to receive a 2017 Bentley Bentayga is none other than Elizabeth the Second, who rules over England and the whole Commonwealth in her spare time.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, as the Queen is known to be a bit of a petrolhead, and above that, the current official Royal Limousine is also a Bentley. The explanation given by Michael Winkler is that she owns a big estate in Scotland, and she will use the Bentayga for her hunting expeditions on the property (we did say it was big).

Well, from what we know, the Queen used to drive her Land Rover products when going off-road up to this point, including Range Rovers and even a Land Rover Defender. The Bentley Betayga, on the other hand, should take the level of luxury to a whole new level, one that, for a hunting expedition, is a bit too high even for a Queen, if you ask us.

How much do you have to pay to own a Bentley Bentayga? If you are in Aussieland, you gotta have Aus$420,600 according to caradvice.com.au. In the UK, you got to have £160,000 according to the Daily Mail story from which we grabbed Beckham’s photo above. In the United States, the starting price of a Bentayga is US$229,000 according to Jalopnik.

That’s it for now CarWatchers. What do you think of the David Beckham Bentley Bentayga?