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Let’s talk about Danish supermodels, beauty queens, and other famous female celebrities from Denmark or those of Danish descent in other parts of the world.

Best Womens Winter Coats: Hugo Boss Edition

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Best Womens Winter Coats: Hugo Boss Edition. If you are looking for a Danish supermodel, the name that comes up will be that of Freja Beha Erichsen. Who is she, you ask? Well, as we mentioned, she is a Danish supermodel. Okay, admittedly there are no really supermodels these days but she ranks at the top female models from around the world.

Specifically, puts Freja in number four in their list of the Top 50 Female Models. Here’s what they say about this Danish beauty on why she deserves such a high ranking: Continue reading

JBS Mens Underwear: Danish Girls in Men’s Underwear

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JBS Mens Underwear: Danish Girls in Men’s Underwear. Today in controversial advertising (read: creative advertising), we bring you these print ads from a Danish underwear company, JBS, which featured female models wearing men’s underwear? Why, you ask? Because according to the company, “Men do not want to look at naked men.” So instead of hiring male models to wear their undies, they opted to use female models instead.

jbs mens underwear

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