Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend List: Who is He Dating?

Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend. Does Daniel Radcliffe have a girlfriend? Truth be told, we don’t know. Or he may or may not have a girlfriend. He used to date Laura O’Toole, his co-star during the London run of that stage play about a horse, Equus. But then there were news reports that the two broke up.

But then there were other reports that they continue to see each other. And then there’s that other news story news story saying that Rupert Grint allegedly stated that Daniel has a girlfriend.

daniel radcliffe girlfriend laura otoole

So there. We’re wondering like the rest of you whether Daniel has a girlfriend. If he does, it would most likely be Laura O’Toole.


UPDATE: Olive Uniacke is the New Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend?
04 August 2010

daniel radcliffe girlfriend is olive uniacke

Has Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe found himself a new girlfriend? No we are not referring to his tranny friend Our Lady J, but to this girl he’s sweetly holding hands with.

The girl has been identified by the Daily Mail as Olive Uniacke, 19-year-old stepdaughter of David Heyman who is the producer of the Harry Potter films.

The Mail quotes a source who supposedly knows something about Daniel and this girl: “Olive and Dan have known each other a long time, ever since the Harry Potter films started. They were close a few years ago but the relationship fizzled out then. Even so, they have always remained friends. And in the last few months they have grown closer again.”

The source adds: “Olive has money in her own right so is certainly not a gold-digger. But Dan’s not traditionally her type. She has usually gone for bad boys and Dan is quite preppy.”

You know what, we gotta give props to Daniel boy for not limiting his choices to pretty young models. He was earlier linked to Laura O’Toole who was described by a commenter as “less pretty” than her (her being the commenter).

So what do you think of this new gal being identified as the new Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend?

Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend List: Laura O’Toole, Olive Uniacke. Posted 21 July 2009.