Was Adolf Hitler an artist? Yes he was. He may not be as the guy who painted the Sistine Chapel but he’s an artist nonetheless.

These images are reportedly his paintings, done when he was 21 years old. These artworks will be auctioned off sometime in April. Not that we’d like to have any of these paintings but you gotta give credit to the guy for knowing how to paint.Read More →

Look who’s laughing now Christie’s? You’ve been sabotaged; and we must say that you got what you deserved. That’s what you get for trying to make money out of looted cultural icons. Go, Cai Mingchao. From the Sydney Morning Herald:A Chinese antique collector said Monday he was the mystery person behind the winning bids at a Paris auction for two relics originally looted from Beijing, but declared he would not pay for them. The sensational announcement was the latest twist to a 150-year-old drama over the bronze rabbit and rat heads, which British and French forces stole from China’s imperial Summer Palace towards the endRead More →