Move over, Gio Benitez, you ain’t the only hunky Miami-born Cuban-American our friend Deena is putting in her list of imaginary boyfriends. Her addition to the list: adult actor Damien Crosse. As mentioned, Damien was born in Miami, Florida (in Febraury 1982 so he’s like 31 years old now) but he traces his roots from Cuba. What made Deena fall in love with Damien Crosse? We haven’t ask her but we’re pretty sure its the hair since she does have a weakness for men with really short hair. Reminds her of her very first beau. Ahh, first love sweet love. Anyhoo, when we told DeenaRead More →

How hot is ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez? He is so hot that our friend Kevin is giving him a 100 out of 10. Kevin is clearly overscoring but there’s no denying that the Miami Latino hunk is gorgeous and cute and has got a sexy smile. Hehe. And those bulging biceps? Wowza. Before he made it to national TV, Gio (is his full name Giovanni? Or Giorgio?) was with the WFOR TV station in Florida. Here’s what the ABC honcho said about their hottest reporter: An award-winning reporter, Gio comes to us from WFOR, the CBS owned station in his hometown of Miami whereRead More →

Here’s another gorgeous guy to add to our list of Hot Cuban Men. His name is Elio Alberto Pis. He is a male model. His Explore Talent modeling profile reveals that he is based in Miami, Florida, is 24 years old, stands at 6’1″, weighs 170, is of Hispanic heritage, has brown eyes, black hair, and an athletic body type. And, he is dating tennis superstar Venus Williams aka our favorite Williams. The two reportedly met when he did a modeling job for Venus’ clothing line, EleVen by Venus. Here’s a pic of the lovebirds in their EleVen outfits from the label’s Spring 2012 collection.Read More →