tom hopper cosmo anti cancer campaign

Tom Hopper Shirtless: He Strips For Cosmo Magazine. Because a lot of you are liking our posts about hot guys with no clothes, we decided to renew our blogging on Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign. If you are familiar with this campaign, you would know that it seeks to promote public awareness for male cancer – testicular, prostate, penile cancers – and to encourage men to get themselves checked before it is too late.Read More →

andy scott lee underwear cosmo everyman cancer campaign

Andy Scott Lee Shirtless in Underwear. Though she disapproves of the Cosmo photo, Grandma Akita — or GA for short — say’s she is okay with the following photo of Any as a “festive hunk”. Apparently, our Andy likes him his red Y-front briefs. He looks good in it too. Right?Read More →

barry sloane cosmopolitan - cancer research uk - photo

Barry Sloane Shirtless for Cosmopolitan Cancer Campaign. Hunky British actor Barry Sloane — some of you know him as Aiden Mathis on Revenge — is joining the ever growing list of famous men who are stripping for Cosmopolitan Magazine (the UK edition) in order to raise public awareness for men’s cancer.Read More →