Skin Whitening Cream for Men: Good or Bad? We human beings really are an unsatisfied lot, aren’t we? Big girls want to reduce their weight or height. Small girls wish they are bigger or taller. Guys with small Ds want to have big ones. White guys want to go dark. Dark guys want to go whiter. And the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

skin whitening cream for men

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Adolf Hitler AIDS Commercial and Other Controversial Ads. Here’s a commercial which is sure to generate controversy; it seeks to warn people of AIDS by comparing the disease to Adolf Hitler. The point being that AIDS, like Hitler, is a mass murderer.

Understandably, some AIDS activists are not impressed. Says a spokesperson for a British organization: “Of course there are many HIV organisations that run their own campaigns, however I think the advert is incredibly stigmatising to people living with HIV who already face much stigma and discrimination due to ignorance about the virus,” a spokeswoman for the National AIDS Trust, which co-ordinates World Aids Day in Britain, said.”

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Air New Zealand Body Painting Ad – Video Commercial. Air New Zealand flight crew star in this very interesting commercial. They got no clothes on. All they have is body paint. An air crew wearing nothing should be weird and yucky but this actually comes across as, well how should we describe it, kinda classy. You gotta give props to Air New Zealand for pushing the creative boundaries. The company also got in the news recently for its body billboard ads.

Update: Sorry, video disabled at source.

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