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Shirtless College Footballers. Okay Famewatchers, this post is for those of you who love college football jocks. These shirtless guys are from the football team of the Georgia Institute of Technology (commonly, Georgia Tech). Which of these guys is your favorite? Do you think some of them can out-star or out-hunk USC’s Matt Barkley?Read More →

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Brad Kaaya Ethnicity. As it happens, the internets is curious about Brad Kaaya’s ethnic background. Is he African-American? We initially thought he’s Pacific Islander but eventually ruled out the idea. Genealogy sites aren’t of help either. The Kaaya surname ain’t exactly common but, it turns out, that you can find the name in different parts of the world such as Tanzania, India, the United States, and others. So at this point, when it comes to the Brad Kaaya ethnicity, the only thing we would say is that he is one of those people blessed with genes from various races or ethnic backgrounds.Read More →

college boys underwear - uconn underwear mile 2016-2

College Boys Underwear Run. You’d be mistaken if you think American college dudes are the only ones running around in their undies. Their Canadian bros are in on the game too. The next photo below is from the 2015 University of British Columbia Undie Run. The event is organized by the UBC Ski and Board Club and is held during the final exam week to help students de-stress.Read More →