Colin Morgan Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Colin Morgan Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who is the hotter Merlin star: Bradley James who plays King Arthur or Colin Morgan who plays the wizard Merlin? The denizens of think Bradley is the hotter dude giving him 54% of the vote but Colin is not that far behind with 46% saying that he “outhots” his co-star.

colin morgan shirtless in vernon little

We here at Famewatcher are also split. Kevin and Deena believe that Bradley is more gorgeous while Pim and Stacy give their vote to Colin. For her part Pershan goes, “Ehhh. Both of them are hot and gorgeous. It does not matter to me who’s hotter so long as they are gay-kissin’ each other!”

colin morgan gay kiss with bradley james

“Or so long as they are going shirtless together as in this intriguing photo.”

colin morgan shirtless with bradley james

Well said, Pershan. Anyhoo, let’s check out some more Colin Morgan shirtless photos, shall we?

colin morgan body

Our Colin stripped to his underwear in the 2007 stage play Vernon God Little where he plays the role of Vernon Little. [Want more male celebrity underwear?]

colin morgan underwear - vernon god little3

A shirtless Colin in the 2008 stage play, A Prayer For My Daughter.

colin morgan shirtless - a prayer for my daughter

Our sexy Northern Irish actor go shirtless in this still photo from Merlin.

shirtless colin morgan merlin

Colin as Skinny in the 2013/14 stage play, Mojo?

colin morgan underwear

What’s our cutie doing with his pants down? This review of the play by London Reviews will give you an idea:

There’s some scenes in the play that will get the fangirls going (myself included). Colin Morgan in white underpants, tied to a jukebox, being bullied by Ben Whishaw is one that will stay with you. I won’t spoil the scene, but suffice to say they get up close and personal.

And this:

But that is definitely not the case with Colin anymore. I’ve watched him shake that off very successfully and he just gets better. His Skinny is well played, and his twitchy, somewhat sleazy character plays off Ben Whishaw’s Baby so very well. There’s a barely hidden sexual tension between the two that underwrites all their interactions.

Is Colin Morgan gay? Likely not cause he dated actress Katie McGgrath back in 2010. But he did play a gay man in the award-winning British sitcom, The Catherine Tate Show.

colin morgan gay man

A hilarious video of Colin as a gay dude:

Our favorite part is at the 2:20 mark where Colin, as John, receives his gift. You might want to fast-forward to it. Hehehe. You’ll love it, promise.

Colin Morgan Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend posted 8 January 2014. Updated 8 March 2017.