Cole Medders Underwear – Survivor Healer – Gay or Girlfriend?

Cole Medders Underwear – Survivor Healer – Gay or Girlfriend?. We have our first underwear sighting on Survivor Healers v Heroes v Hustlers courtesy of wilderness therapy guide Cole Medders. Yay! Check our 24-year-old and his fabulous multi-colored boxers. Want more male celebrity underwear?

The Arkansan is gonna be the guy candy this season not only to us viewers but also among his fellow Survivor castaways. Here’s what his fellow Survivor cast is saying about Cole Medders (via The Hollywood Reporter):

Ali Elliott: “He’s very attractive. (Laughs.) He took off his shirt the other day and … I mean he’s, you know, he’s pretty muscular, you can tell. But when he took off his shirt … I don’t know, this doesn’t normally happen to me, but I kind of glanced and I was like, “Whoa. Is … is that all, like, real? Like, are you a real human being?” Because he’s walking around like a Greek god.”

Indeed! We gotta agree with Ali that our Cody has the body of a Greek god.

Cole Medders gay or girlfriend

Here’s what other castaways are saying about Cole:

Simone Nguyen: He’s so hot. He is so good looking, and he knows that he is good looking and he’s trying to play it off like he doesn’t know that he’s good looking and he’s trying to be a Boy Scout. I know he sees me seeing him. I’m far from home, it’s nice to look at. I’m going to keep him around.

Ashley Nolan: He’s another gorgeous one that looks like a freaking runway model or something. He seems fine, he seems cute, kind of a boy-next-door looking kind of guy.

Cole Medders Girlfriend? In an interview with Josh Wigler of The Hollywood Reporter, Cole indicates that he does not have a girlfriend or partner who’d get jealous if he’s gonna flirt his way on Survivor.

Josh Wigler: The three words you use to describe yourself: unreserved, dauntless, and flirtatious. Are you going to be flirting out here?

Cole Medders: I’m definitely going to be flirting.

Josh Wigler: Is there anyone back home who’s going to be upset?

Cole Medders: No. No one back home is going to be upset. That’s the one downside to always being on the move. There’s not a lot of time for romance. But I’m going to be in one place on the island for a bit, so who knows …

And with that let’s end this post with a photo of Cole in his undies fist-bumping tribemate Mike Zahalsky. Looks like that’s an alliance pact, no?

cole medders underwear bulge - survivor healer

Cole Medders Underwear – Survivor Healer – Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 23 September 2017.