Cody Zeller Shirtless, Height, Shoes, Girlfriend (If Any)

Cody Zeller Shirtless, Height, Shoes, Girlfriend (If Any). Let’s continue blogging about NBA rookies and, this time, let’s check out this year’s #4 draft pick, Cody Zeller. The 21-year-old baller played for Indiana Hoosiers in college but he will now playing with the Charlotte Bobcats.

cody zeller basketball hunk

So what are Cody’s strengths and weaknesses as a basketball player? Here are some of the draft reports by basketball experts written prior to the draft.
– Mobile and active
– Efficient low-post scoring skills
– Good free-throw shooter
– Competes
– High character
– Great understanding of the game

– Has to get stronger
– Needs to prove he can muscle with bigger players

Strengths: Versatility, polished offensive game, mobility
Weaknesses: Strength, interior defense, wingspan

The Good:
– tremendous athlete for his size
– pre-draft combine workout rank him among most mobile big men ever
– great size for a power forward (or even a center)
– great leaper
– very good & efficient scorer
– great at drawing fouls
– can get out quickly on fastbreaks
– smart, hardworking player
– should be a solid complimentary player in the NBA

The Bad:
– year older than most other sophomores
– below average wingspan
– doesn’t bring much on the defensive end
– doesn’t take good care of the ball (more turnovers than assists)
– no range on his jumper
– not much of a playmaker/passer
– didn’t breakout in his sophomore year as hoped
– doesn’t take jumpshots
– needs to improve on the boards
– needs to get physically stronger
– no real star potential

….. (LaMarcus Aldridge):
Strengths: Bigman with an excellent basketball IQ and all around athlete … A gazelle. Runs the floor extremely well for a 7 footer. He’s also has great body control for a center, showing unusual ability to convert plays on the break.

Weaknesses: Not a shot blocker or much of a presence on the defensive end. Can be overwhelmed by stronger and more explosive opponents … While very composed, his moves can be too predictable, leading to blocked shots … Unselfish to a fault. May never be a huge scorer in the league.


It would be worth revisiting the above comments a few years from now to see how Cody has worked on his perceived strengths and weaknesses, no?

We won’t be Famewatcher if we don’t post a Cody Zeller shirtless photo so here you go:

cody zeller shirtless - freshman initiation

The above pic is from his Twitter account (follow him on Twitter: @CodyZeller) and it is accompanied by the¬†following message which explains what he is doing without his shirt: ” Some harmless freshmen initiation….The nearly naked mile. Don’t worry I had shorts on.”

It would have been more fun for spectators if the “initiatees” (is this even a word?) didn’t have their pants on too, no? Hehehe.

How tall is Cody Zeller? His wiki profile states that he is pretty tall at 7 feet (2.13 m). He also weighs 240 lb (109 kg).

cody zeller height - with fireman

His shoe size? We don’t his exact size but we think its bigger than big :-)

cody zeller shoe size

Does he have a girlfriend? Two years ago, has this answer for you: “According to Cody’s myspace page he is straight and single. So, no, Cody does not have a girlfriend.”

Maybe he found a girlfriend between then and now? If you are in the know, do tell us any Cody girlfriend info in the comments. Tschuz.

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