Christopher Meloni Underwear + Shirtless Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Christopher Meloni Underwear, Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend. Did you know that Christopher Meloni was a construction worker before he made it big in the industry? He’s a real construction worker too not like those models male gogo dancers who wear hard hats and coveralls and pretend that they are real construction workers. Nope, our Christopher was a real deal construction worker which gives him something in common with the other Male Celebrity Construction Workers we mentioned in an earlier post. Now he is a big star in Hollywood who is among the highest paid actors on television.

chris meloni as stabler - marine hunk

Is Christopher Meloni Gay? One of the perks of being a highly paid actor is that you get to make out with cute guys. Hehe. Christopher making out with another dude in the television drama, Oz. [Call for help: If you know the name of the other guy, please do tell us in the comment section. Kevin says its Lee Tergesen but he is not sure if he is correct.]

chris meloni gay kiss in oz

Can you hear the heads of Republican “Christian” evangelicals explode after watching the above scene. Haha. Meanwhile, in the next photo below, Alexander Skarsgard, Meloni’s co-star in True Blood, isn’t about to be left out in the “I kissed Chris Meloni” train.

chris meloni gay kiss with alex skarsgard

Neither will Dan Florek. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to make out with a hot-construction-worker-turned-TV-star?

Chris Meloni and Dann Florek gay kiss

When it comes to rubbing skin cells with Meloni though, probably the luckiest guy of them all is his Oz co-star Lee Tergesen with whom he wrestled….

Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen wrestling in oz

… and whatever it is the two are doing here.

chris meloni with Lee Tergesen in oz

Christopher Meloni Wife. Yes Chris is married. Her name is Doris Sherman Williams. They tied the know way back in 1989.

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