Christopher Blom Salomon: Danish Model Hunk in Low Rise Jeans

Christopher Blom Salomon: Danish Model Hunk in Low Rise Jeans

It’s been some time (nearly a year actually) since we blogged about Danish hunks so we’re pretty sure you, Danish lovers, will be thrilled to see this post. Meet male model Christopher Blom Salomon. He’s so pretty, isn’t he? We love love love his low-rise jeans and the Dolce and Gabbana underwear he’s wearing. So sexy!!!

Is he wearing long johns thermal underwear in the woods? How cute and sexy is that?

Oh wow, how bendy is our Christopher? Nice.

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Low Hang Jeans for Sexy Guys: Aaron O’Connell, Shirtless Male Model
18 April 2010


Is male fashion model Aaron O’Connell cute? Duh, what kind of question is that, is the earth round? Of course it is. And, of course, he is cute. And he’s quite hunky too.

Are low hang jeans on men cute? Well, they’re kinda cute. But it all depends on whether the man wearing it can carry it. Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh wearing low hang jeans? Ewww.

Anyhoo, for more pics of guys (and sometimes girls) wearing low rise jeans, click here. And for more pics of the delectable Aaron teasing us with his underwear-revealing denims, scroll down below.




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