Christof Innerhofer: Alpine Downhill Skier – Shirtless Underwear Photos

We came across the photo below in Instinct Magazine’s list of hottest male athletes in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and we immediately fell in love with the guy in the pic.

A little googling helped us identify the gorgeous guy. His name is Christof Innerhofer. He’s an Italian alpine ski racer who won an Olympic silver medal (for the downhill event) and a bronze medal (for the combined event) in the Sochi Games. He’s also got a gold medal for the Super-G event at the 2011 World Championships.

Check out Christof looking oh-so-devilishly-hot wearing his racing suit.

Is he a celebrity spokesmodel for Intimissimi men’s underwear?

Christof Innerhofer

We learn more about Christof in this interview with Box Score News:

You had some trouble early this season; how are you feeling now?
It’s difficult to win races when you cannot train! It was a tough fall for me. I spent a lot of time in therapy, which did not help as expected. It was also hard to watch the others train.

Thankfully, things started improving in December. I was happy with my 5th place in the super-G in Val Gardena, and even in St. Caterina, I skied well in training. It’s become better – week-by-week – over the last month and with any luck that continues in January. I hope to be at my 100% by the World Championships in Vail-Beaver Creek.

You have been struggling with back pain – what’s the problem?
I have been suffering from an inflammation of the spinal vertebra for the last three years. It gets worse during the summer and fall, and then improves in the winter. Why that’s so – we don’t know. We presume that it has something to do with the glacier snow and lots of dry-land training. This year it was even worse than before. I needed to pause for six weeks in the fall. No wonder I could not keep up with the others when racing started.