David Villa Shoes: Adidas AdiZero and Christian Louboutin Sneakers

christian loubotin mens shoes - sneakers leopard print

Who owns this ridiculous-looking leopard print shoes? According to Spanish footballer Gerard Pique who tweeted the photo on Twitter, this horrendous pair of sneakers is owned by his fellow baller David Villa. David, David, you’re cool and you’ve got great abs but this shoes – like some of the shoes by its creator Christian Louboutin – is just ridiculous. Sure that Louboutin guy is a well-regarded shoe designer and all but he sometimes come up with overpriced ridiculous crap like this leopard print shoes that dudes in their right mind would not be caught dead wearing. Ugh!
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Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps: Sandra Bullock’s Celebrity Shoes

Despite her fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes, Sandra Bullock is not too proud to beg Ryan Reynolds to marry her in The Proposal. Here’s a closer look at Sandra’s Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps. Pretty gorgeous, isn’t it? No wonder Deena is dreaming of buying a pair for herself.
Of course Sandra Bullock isn’t only girl in Hollywood who wears Christian Louboutin mini bout pumps. In fact, a lot of celebs do and a lot of them are A-Listers like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker. Check out these Christian Louboutin-wearing celebrity gals below:

Lady Gaga: The outrageous singer and fashion icon kept it normal this time in a mini-dress, an attention-getting headress (but then again, everything about the fair Lady is attention-getting, right?), and a pair of Christian Louboutin mini bout pumps oh-so-ready to kick ass.
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