Boyd Holbrook Underwear. Who’s the long-haired twinky guy wearing a pair of Dior Homme briefs underwear? That guy, fellow Famewatcher, is Boyd Holbrook. He’s more known now as an actor but he started his career in the biz as a male model. Aside from Dior Homme, his modeling gigs include ad campaigns for Viktor & Rolf, Dsquared2, Joop Jeans, Trussardi, Gap, Hugo Boss Orange, and many more. [Want more men in Dior Homme underwear?] From modeling, he successfully crafted an acting career with 23 IMDB acting credits to his name. One of his latest movie projects, A Walk Among the Tombstones, is coming outRead More →

We’ve seen some celebrities looking cool in Dior Homme Leather Jackets, now let’s check out another one looking fab in his Dior Homme Winter Coat. By “another” we mean actor/director Ben Affleck who’s on the cover of this month’s issue of Details Magazine. We must say that our Ben has quietly and very effectively transformed his image from a Hollywood frat-boy into a serious director who could very well win a Best Director award from the Oscars. The guy’s a talented director, we tell you. If you haven’t watch Gone Baby Gone and The Town you should get off the internet now, yes NOW, andRead More →

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Celebrity Wool Jackets and Coats: What designer brands do famous men and celebrities buy when it comes to their wool jackets or coats? Well, let’s check out what these four celebs – Justin Bieber, Paul Wesley, Chris Brown, and Russy Simons – are wearing, shall we?

Justin Bieber: Our baby, baby, baby is wearing a fleet carrier wool coat. What brand is it? We’re not 100% but we’re gonna guess G-Star because we know that Justin loves him his G-Star outfit and this one looks like the G-Star coat our friend loves to wear.Read More →