Gay Duggar, Anyone? What will be the next scandal that will hit the Duggar family? We here at Famewatcher are going to predict that the next big scandalicious news about this CINO (Christian In Name Only) family will be the future revelation that one (or two) of them is/are gay. From which are we basing our bold prediction? We’re basing it on 1) statistics and 2) the closeted history of the “Christian” right. First, let’s look at the statistics. If one in ten (10%) of any given population is a friend of Dorothy, then approximately two of the 21 Duggars (the 19 kids and theirRead More →

Look who’s dressing up as a woman? It’s Teddy Bridgewater, the rookie quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Now, before you reach the conclusion that the 21-year-old football star is a cross-dressing drag queen, you should know that he’s only dressing up as a woman for a gender class in college. More from Josh Sanchez of Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is one of the best NFL prospects in college football and is the leader of a Cardinals team that has a legitimate shot of being a top five team in the nation. While Bridgewater is an incredible talent on the football, he is lookingRead More →

Aside from Cameron Moulene, another young actor cast in a lead role for MTV’s upcoming dramedy Happyland is the sexy hunk that is Shane Harper. Shane will be playing Ian Chandler described by as “the handsome son of the park’s new president, a new hire at the park who is smitten by feisty Lucy”. Here’s Shane with Happyland co-stars Cameron and Kat McNamara. Shane with Ryan Rottman who will guest-star as Shane’s dad. That’s a hunky, sexy, totally shaggable daddy! Shane Harper Shirtless Photos. We know you Famewatchers are fond of shirtless photos so we went looking for Shane’s shirtless pics and found theseRead More →