Christian Bale Underwear: Working Out in His Briefs & Boxers

Christian Bale Underwear: Working Out in His Briefs & Boxers. Ever worked out in your underwear? How was it? It made you feel free and sexy, huh? No clothes that get in the way and hinder your workout. And you have a better feel of your physical self too.

Truly there are advantages to working out in your undies. Christian Bale‘s character in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman, is obviously a fan of the method as he is seen in the movie working out in his tighty whities. He stretches in them and do some stomach crunches. He claims that he can do a thousand stomach crunches.

Now what’s interesting about the video isn’t so much its content but the shock (okay its milder than shock but we don’t know the right word now) on the part of some young people who grew up watching Christian Bale as Batman.

For instance, our nephew says: “OMFG. Is that f*ckin’ Batman! What is he doing prancing around in underwear?”

He’s not prancing around, silly kid! He is sculpting his body. And from how it looks, he’s done a pretty swell job.

You want some still photos from the above Christian Bale Underwear workout, don’t cha?

christian bale american psycho underwear

christian bale underwear - yfront briefs - american psycho

christian bale workout underwear - psycho

Anyhoo, the next clip shows our Patrick, this time in a pair of boxer shorts, skipping rope and doing some abdominal crunches in front of his loud television set.

Now, if you want to be bulkier than Bale in American Psycho, you might want to check out this Youtube guy who’s doing what he calls the “American Psycho Advanced Core Exercises”. It’s an instructive workout video which pays homage to the movie.

Nice, huh? The guy’s quite a looker too. The only thing we didn’t like is that he didn’t work out in his underwear. Hehe. Yeah, we are shallow that way as you already know. But we do think that this video would have gone viral if this guy worked out in his tighty whities as Patrick Bateman did. What a missed opportunity. Hehe.

Anyhoo, want more on Christian Bale, go check out our post on his Dark Knight Belstaff Leather Jacket.

Christian Bale Underwear: Working Out in His Briefs & Boxers. Posted 28 January 2013.